Now Radio T-Pot uses 747, even audible on the Twente SDR and on SDRs in
Germany near the border.
It is not listed on yet. Also not on mwlist.
I also don’t know if it is a legal broadcast, although 747 is assigned to Durch LPAM stations and T-Pot uses 918. They also mentioned 918, but not 747 yet (or I didn’t hear it). They said something in Dutch, I didn’t understand. They also said in German: “For radio with power, switch to 918, Radio T-Pot medium wave 918”.
Then in English: “powered by solar energy, this is T-Pot”.

Marco (2022-04-18)

From Radio T-Pot Facebook page:
Today [April 18th] Radio TPOT can also be heard on 747 KHz, of course in C-QUAM.

Ydun Ritz (2022-04-18)