Translate from Spanish:
I have been thinking and reviewing over and over again about how some fellow dxers use in their notes or reception reports when referring to the Kyrgyz station: Birinchi Radio, whose official name is prefixed with the word Kyrgyz Radio… , based on this , I began to investigate and it turns out that the word Birinchi in the Kirghiz language means First when translated into Spanish. Therefore, the Kyrgyz station should always be mentioned in Spanish as –Primera Radio– and – Birinchi Radio- in Kirghiz language, but of course in its own writing.
I also make this observation to avoid confusion when referring to its sister station Kyrgyz Radiosu, which operates on 4820 khz and on FM(other freqs.)
In short, it should be written as Birinchi Radio or Primera Radio.

Ruben Medina (2022-04-22)