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Re. WCGA 1100 kHz “May Day” Maintenance DX Test.
In my haste to rush out this announcement last night, I forgot to give all the credit where it is due. This test was the brainchild of Hall of Fame DX’er Jim Renfrew of Clarendon, NY. Jim QSL’ed daytimer WCGA earlier this year, and received a personal note from owner Wesley Cox. 
Instead of simply worrying about his personal accomplishment and framing the verification, Jim went the extra mile and followed up with Mr. Cox, informing him a bit about the hobby of distant listening and making polite inquires about any planned maintenance to the station. Once Jim learned that maintenance was planned for the near future, he quickly contacted the CPC—and let us run with the ball from there. 
But all credit goes to Jim for arranging this test, being a great ambassador for the hobby, and thinking of the rest of us instead of just himself. 
We owe you one, Jim! 

Les Rayburn to mwcircle iog (2022-04-28)