918 KHz 4VL Charleville, QLD, Australia (2 kW) at 596 miles / 960 km into Sydney, NSW, makes for enjoyable listening during the evenings. I’ll take Fleetwood Mac, CCR, The Eagles, The Who, Elo, Sweet, and other bands in preference to any Australian radio talkback, and sport. 
4VL is sufficiently low powered that it can occasionally fully fade out enabling 918 KHz RNZ talk. Usually a stronger than usual 918 KHz RNZ signal will extend to other enhanced NZ signals like Auckland, and Wellington.
When Asia propagation path is enhanced, 918 KHz RNK Kampuchea is distinctly heard with metallic banging pots and pans type traditional music. They seem to mainly play music which will cut through the noise floor even more effectively than the ABC Majestic Fanfare theme.
I’ve never tried to associate solar indices with enhanced MW propagation. Just turn on the PR-D3 after around 11 PM, and check key Asian channels like 684, 783, 909, 918, 1386, and 1575 KHz. During recent months with the rain deluge, electrical thunderstorm static (either nearby, or ionospherically propagated), can render a listen session unusable.

Todd to ICDX-AM iog (2022-04-29)