Transnistria: On 26 April and 3 May the medium wave station Grigoriopol-Mayak made headlines as being attacked. The first attack even made it into the main news (“Tagesschau”) in Germany because of following threats from Russian officials. 
Unfortunately, I do not speak / read Russian and cannot really check the current situation myself lacking knowledge of which radio sites to check. I wonder whether the frequencies 621, 999, 1413 and 1548 kHz are still on the air. Any information from actual listening or references to news sites will be appreciated.

Dr Hansjoerg Biener to MWlist iog (2022-05-11)

Some days ago all freqs were on air. Use the Dorohoi SDR to check.
1548 and 621 are not on air all the time, check for the transmission times.
A shortwave curtain antenna with 3 masts was destroyed. The rotatable SW antenna shows burns, but still stands.
There are some other static SW dipole arrays there, some of them collapsed years ago and the rest is still there and some people showed pictures of them.
Tell me if you like more information.

Marco to MWlist iog (2022-05-11)