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WBOB 600 kHz MAINTENANCE TEST — Saturday Midnight to 3 AM Eastern Time (0400-0700 UTC) 

Late word arrives via Paul Walker, a broadcaster and member of the Courtesy Program Committee, that WBOB 600 kHz in Jacksonville, FL will be doing some maintenance testing in about 24 hours, starting at Midnight, Saturday morning May 14 until 0300 Eastern Time. 
No word on what programming will consist of, nor do we have any QSL information. However, this is a great chance to log this station. 
There is also a possibility of another maintenance test from the station starting at Midnight on Sunday morning and running until 0300 Monday morning. But no decision has been made yet. 
More details as we receive them. Please circulate this news widely on social media, email lists, etc. 

WBOB AM Coverage Map

Les Rayburn, N1LF to mwcircle iog (2022-05-13)