A rather weak Spanish speaking station was heard in Sydney, Australia on 1510 kHz, using 20m KAZ pointing to Central America, on 21 May. It was audible only for a short span of time past 20:30 PM Sydney time, and disappeared minutes after 21:00 PM, which makes it more interesting to ID it, as most CA/SA that were heard so far at this location/ on this antenna had their carriers audible for a longer time. I have recorded the ID announcement at the top of the hour at 21:00 PM, after the word “salud” it says “radio” and then (most likely) the name of the station that my untrained ears fail to ID. There are quite a few candidates on the mwlist, unfortunately I was not able to find any correlation. I wonder if anyone on the MediumWave might be able to ID the station? I have attached a short recording file. 
Many thanks in advance.

Tomas, VK2CCC, Sydney (2022-05-23)