According to the RTRS website , on July 11, the St. Petersburg RC branch of the RTRS temporarily suspended the broadcast of Radio Maria in St. Petersburg at a frequency of 1053 kHz * and Vyborg at 92.6 MHz.
The decision to turn off the transmitter before September 10 was made by the broadcaster.

Radio Maria is a round-the-clock broadcast in which we strive to convey to our listener, who we consider as a friend and interlocutor, regardless of his religious beliefs, all the diversity of human culture. After all, it is through culture, art, the history of mankind with all its ups and downs, wanderings in darkness and great insights that we preach the Christian gospel. We do not reject anything positive and good from what is brought to life by man at different times, in different cultures and civilizations. However, everything is assessed in the light of a worldview determined by the Christian choice: be it literary heritage, music and fine arts, scientific achievements, the development of civilizations, philosophical teachings, the history of the Church and the history of the peoples of the world.
Radio Maria website:

* – the RTRS website erroneously indicates the frequency of 105.3 MHz, on which Love Radio broadcasts – approx. ed.

[Added] In their VKontakte group, the station reports that the reason for the suspension of broadcasting is financial :

We do not give up, we are trying to find funds and get back on the air on CB and FM. Everything will depend on us and on the help we receive.

If you want to support us – let us remind you – you can do it here:
Prayer is as important as money – remember this, please!

Listening on  SDRs in Finland and Pskov, Russia  reveals only Romania on 1053kHz.

Steve Whitt, mwcircle iog (2022-07-18)