Yesterday evening I detected via  some SDR’s an unid station on MW 1044 probably from Greece or from Balkan. It’s playing continuosly 1960s and 1970s music (pop and Rock’n roll) and is to hear during night hours via these Kiwi SDR:

Landersdorf, Austria http://oe3akb.ddns.net:8073/
Zakythos, Greece: http://sv8rv.dyndns.org:8073/
Bukarest, Romania: http://sdr.yo3ksr.ro:8073/ (please use upper side band mode due to a distortion here).

At 21:25 CEST / 19:25 UTC the station identified itself as “Radio Nation” or “Radio Nashville“. Probably from Greece?
Yesterday best reception was on the SDR in Sparta, Greece. Unfortunately this Rx. is offline now.

Nils Düwel (2022-07-25)