In August 2021, the IFT released a list of 85 new AM allocations available for auction for commercial licensees.  They were a mix of new allocations and potential replacements for former AM stations that have finished moving to FM (and even some that still exist: 580 XEFI, 830 XELN, 1400 XESH, seemingly these may be trying to leave AM if they can get someone else to take over their license).  Of these, only 16 received bids and were granted construction permits (call letters are tentative; some of these may be “daytimers”):
610     XECCAN Fresnillo, Zac. (10 kW)
640     XECCAL Lomas de Calera, Zac. (5 kW)
830     XECCAP Sombrerete, Zac. (1.5 kW)
1020    XECCAM Cañitas de Felipe Pescador, Zac. (10 kW)
1250    XECCAJ Santiago de Querétaro, Qro. (5 kW)
1270    XECCAF Santiago de Anaya/Ixmiquilpan, Hgo. (3 kW)
1290    XECCAB Salvatierra, Gto. (5 kW)
1360    XECCAE Atotonilco de Tula, Hgo. (4 kW)
1370    XECCAK Huamantla, Tlax. (5 kW)
1420    XECCAO Jalpa, Zac. (10 kW)
1470    XECCAA Pozo de Parras/Irapuato, Gto. (5 kW)
1520    XECCAD Apan, Hgo. (2.5 kW)
1550    XECCAH Encarnación de Díaz, Jal. (1.5 kW)
1570    XECCAG Tepeapulco, Hgo. (400 w)
1590    XECCAC San Francisco del Rincón, Gto. (6 kW)
1600    XECCAI Cd. Serdán, Pue. (5 kW)

13 new social licenses have been granted outside of this auction, and appear as licensed stations (CP’s) on the July 2022 IFT station list:
560     XECSAW Unknown location, Jal. – R.Rural Mexicana (city-of-license missing on IFT list).  Totally new station, or possibly a license transfer for XEMZA?
730     XECSBU Loreto, BCS – R.Rural Mexicana (license transfer from XELBC).
780     XECSCF Autlan (presumed), Jal. (5 kW?) – R.Rural Mexicana (city-of-license missing on IFT list, but this is apparently a license transfer for XELD, whose AM license was included in the 2021 IFT-8 auction).
870     XECSCQ Unknown (possibly Irapuato), Gto. – R.Rural Mexicana (city-of-license missing on IFT list).
920     XECSCY Lázaro Cárdenas (presumed), Mich. – R.Rural Mexicana (city-of-license missing on IFT list, but this is apparently a license transfer for XELCM, which was noted silent MAR 22).
930     XECSDC Xalapa, Ver. – María de Jesús López Rodríguez.
1030    XECSDO Unknown, Chih. – R.Rural Mexicana (city-of-license missing on IFT list).
1160    XECSEG Unknown (possibly Acámbaro), Gto. – R.Lacustre (city-of-license missing on IFT list).
1160    XECSEF Unknown, Gro. – R.Rural Mexicana (city-of-license missing on IFT list).
1330    XECSEZ Unknown, Zac. – Fernando Díaz Alonso
1480    XECSFQ Unknown, Gto. – R.Rural Mexicana (city-of-license missing on IFT list).
1480    XECSFO Unknown, Gro. – R.Rural Mexicana (city-of-license missing on IFT list).
1600    XECSGO Unknown, Gto. – R.Tonatiuh, A.C. (city-of-license missing on IFT list).

In Monterrey, 600 XEMN and 630 XEFB remain silent.  XEMN has been removed from the IFT station list, but XEFB remains.
In Tijuana, 800 XESPN and 1550 XEBG (as well as sister station 1190 XEMBC in Mexicali) remain silent, but have not been removed from the July 2022 IFT list, so the licenses are still active. [Tim Hall]

NRC DX News July 24, International DX Digest via WOR iog (2022-07-25))


Have just spoken to one of the staff at T8AA on my mobile phone. 1584 relays their FM on 87.9
Their email is –
From what i can gather their FM runs 24/7 and no announcements overnight. So I think I have heard it.
It wasnt heard this morning due to poor propagation over the past few days.
 VOA on 1575 was extremely loud until it signed off in Burmese at 1800 –  so at the moment the best time would be after 1800.
It should be better once propagation settles down again.
The SDR  I was listening on was in Northern Thailand

Tony Magon (2022-07-25)


THE CME HAS ARRIVED: Arriving almost exactly on time, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on July 23rd at approximately 0300 UT. Geomagnetic storms are possible in the hours ahead. NOAA forecasters say that G1– to G2-class (minor to moderate) storms are likely with a slight chance of escalating to category G3 (strong). High latitude aky watchers should be alert for auroras.

Ydun Ritz (2022-07-23)

United States

Station and Translator Sales Week of 7/22.

Educational Media Foundation will divest 870 WFLO Farmville VA to the Christopher Brochon led Heart of Virginia Communications for $75,000. Brochon served as Station Manager and Director of Operations at WFLO and 95.7 WFLO-FM until their 2021 sale to EMF.

Danette Acosta’s Familia Broadcasting sells Spanish Christian 1490 KOGN Ogden UT to Ruth de Alba and Marcos Rivas’ Positiva Radio for $231,250. Positiva has operated KOGN via LMA since 2014 and the $185,000 it has already paid towards operating the station will be subtracted from the purchase price.

Todd Fowler’s Skyline Media of Forest City will acquire Oldies 1320 WAGY/107.5 W298CZ Forest City NC from KTC Broadcasting for $250,000. Calvin Hasting’s KTC Broadcasting had acquired WAGY in December 2019 for $75,000. He will continue to own 1590 WCSL Cherryville and 1390 WOSH Shelby NC. Skyline Media also owns 1250 WBRM Marion NC and 97.3 KJMG Bastrop LA.

EMF also sells 101.9 K270AI Cathedral City/Palm Springs CA to Louie Comella’s IVOX Radio for $175,000. K270AI currently rebroadcasts EMF’s 105.1 KLXB Bermuda Dunes, but will switch to rebroadcasting 1340 KWXY Cathedral City giving it a wider FM coverage than its current translator 92.3 K222DA.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-07-22)

United Kingdom

Isles of Scilly 1880 kHz.
WZ 732/22 – 160804 UTC Jul 22 – GMDSS. MRCC Falmouth. MF R/T & DSC services from Saint Mary’s, Isles of Scilly site off air.

MF R/T and DSC services from Saint Mary’s, Isles of Scilly site, 49-55.7N 006-18.2W, off air.
Navigation warning issued 16th July but still in force today.

UK Hydrographic Office via Steve Whitt, mwcircle iog (2022-07-22)

United Kingdom

LPAM – Mid Downs Radio 1350 kHz.
Not sure if this is of particular interest, but this 1 watt EMRP L-RSL is confirmed as currently off air. This is temporary whilst the mast is being relocated.

Rashid to mwcircle iog (2022-07-21)


According to reports from our colleagues, since this Sunday July 17, a station active at the frequency of 1000 KHz has been reported, identified as “AM 1000 DIGITAL AMPLITUDE“, from the town and Party of José C. Peace, in the west side of Gran Buenos Aires.

Apparently this station would be the one formerly known as “RADIO TUNE, Radio Essence”, which also operated at that frequency, and that for several years had been out of the ether. RADIO SINTONIA had started its broadcasts in the month of August 2003, and did so from its central studios located on Domingo F Street. Psalm 4154 by Joseph C. Peace, Buenos Aires. The station was enrolled in the Media Census through Resolution 001-AFSCA/09, and was operated by the “Center for Integrated and Social Training of Jose C. Peace”, being its General Director Mr. Carlos Alberto Estévez. It used a transmitter of 1 Kw power, from its Transmitter Plant located at the corner of Félix Iglesias and Puerto Principe streets, of that locality (Coordinates: 34°29’19.3″S, 58°46’22.0″W), where it used an antenna of type m Onopolo folded 60 meters tall. Since 2016 the station wasn’t reported active at its usual frequency of 1000 KHz, and for several months it was radiating its signal through streaming, but all makes sense that it has returned to the air in the AM after a long time. We thank the readers Carlos Esperón and Alejandro Tapia, for informing us about the reactivation of this station.

Argentina en AM y FM

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-07-21)