According to reports from our colleagues, since this Sunday July 17, a station active at the frequency of 1000 KHz has been reported, identified as “AM 1000 DIGITAL AMPLITUDE“, from the town and Party of José C. Peace, in the west side of Gran Buenos Aires.

Apparently this station would be the one formerly known as “RADIO TUNE, Radio Essence”, which also operated at that frequency, and that for several years had been out of the ether. RADIO SINTONIA had started its broadcasts in the month of August 2003, and did so from its central studios located on Domingo F Street. Psalm 4154 by Joseph C. Peace, Buenos Aires. The station was enrolled in the Media Census through Resolution 001-AFSCA/09, and was operated by the “Center for Integrated and Social Training of Jose C. Peace”, being its General Director Mr. Carlos Alberto Estévez. It used a transmitter of 1 Kw power, from its Transmitter Plant located at the corner of Félix Iglesias and Puerto Principe streets, of that locality (Coordinates: 34°29’19.3″S, 58°46’22.0″W), where it used an antenna of type m Onopolo folded 60 meters tall. Since 2016 the station wasn’t reported active at its usual frequency of 1000 KHz, and for several months it was radiating its signal through streaming, but all makes sense that it has returned to the air in the AM after a long time. We thank the readers Carlos Esperón and Alejandro Tapia, for informing us about the reactivation of this station.

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Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-07-21)