The Slow Demise of Longwave Broadcasting.
There are only few active high-powered long-wave broadcast stations on-the-air. One of the longest serving stations, the Czech transmitter at Topolná, has now fallen silent.
Starting regular services in 1923, seeing turbulent times during the second World War, and again during the Czech uprising in 1968, high operational costs finally sealed its fate. Despite the Czech Senate Defence and Security Committee calling on the government to maintain the transmitters for emergency services, while the Ministry of Culture deciding whether to declare the Topolná transmitter a monument, České Radiokomunikace blew up two 270-meter-high masts of the Topolná long-wave transmitter on Thursday, the 28th of July. Even the neighbouring village and its mayor was not made aware of the plans, they also wanted to keep the station as a memorial.
(IRTS Radio News Bulletin)

Mike Terry to longwaveradiolistening iog (2022-08-05)