RAI, Radio Televisione Italiana, will turn off his entire Medium Waves programmes on 11 September 2022.
Yes, RAI has officially announced that in this sad recurrance of Twin Tower destruction the all programmes in Medium Waves from Italy will cease of exist.

For that, all these transmissions will turn off:
657 kHz from Pisa Coltano
900 kHz from Milano Siziano
936 kHz from Venezia Campalto
999 Khz from Torino Volpiano
1062 kHz from Ancona Montagnolo
1062 kHz from Cagliari Decimoputzu
1062 kHz from Catania Coda di Volpe
1107 kHz from Roma Monte Ciocci
1116 kHz from Palermo Monte Pellegrino
1431 kHz from Foggia
1449 kHz from Belluno
1575 kHz from Genova Portofino.

That seems incredible, but it is true. This is the bare official statement issued by RAI:

Angelo Brunero IK1QLD to MWlist iog (2022-08-20)

It says that the last day of audio discription on mediumwave is the 10 September 2022 and it will not available from 11 September 2022 on. So I guess the closure will be at 10 September 2022 around midnight local time, when most of the transmitters start their nighttime break at the moment.

Patrick Robic to MWlist iog (2022-08-20)