TP DX in Seattle

This morning’s session was my first attempt at hearing TP’s this season. The results were slightly better than what I would have expected for late August.  Times are 1220-1305z except as noted.

The Koreans on 972 and 1566 were the strongest and most consistent stations of the morning, with really good signals much of the time. They both faded in around 1100z and stayed around until just past
Seattle sunrise (about 1330z).

The high-powered low-band NHK stations were generally underwhelming. JOIB-747 had some good moments.  JOAK-594 JOUB-774 and JOBB-828 made brief appearances but were mostly buried under domestic splatter.

Upper band commercial and NHK stations were heard occasionally. Those heard included JOLF-1242 JOHK-1287 NHK2-1386 and maybe a couple of others. Yanbian was weak-fair with Korean programming on 1205.96.  CRI’s Russian service was good-nil.  It peaked at 1235z with Russian talk.  Some of the music and ID was audible at 1300, but most of it was buried under 1320 splatter.  CRI-963 was briefly heard //1323 around 1245 .

Equipment: Perseus with crossed delta loops aimed at 50 and 320 degrees.  Jaguar software.

Bruce Portzer in Seattle to irca iog (2022-08-26)