United States

WRJR 670, Claremont, VA is no longer Spanish language religious. It’s now part of a consortium of stations that carry a progressive/alternative/eclectic rock format fed from Stu-Comm’s independent, non-profit WNRN out of Charlottesville. (reported yesterday 17/9)

WRJR is licenced with 20kW days and 3 W at night. For some reason this has been omitted from previous lists of US “daytimers” that European DXers might hear just before the transmitter reduces power..

In September it should reduce power at 1815EST = 2315UTC and reception should improve towards the end of the month. At the end of Sept actual sunset will be 1754EST so the transmitter will be running full power for about 20 minutes after sunset.

There is one catch however, the station runs a directional antenna during the day with a deep null pointing directly at the BDMR in Clashmore! (shown by the trace in the image below). Best reception should be in South Africa. ( the null is a legacy of the years before 2003 when CKXB operated on 670kHz from Musgravestown in Newfoundland.)

Steve Whitt to mwcircle iog (2022-09-18)