United States

MW Frequency Challenge – Week 1 – 1160-1224 kHz
It is Week 1 of our MW Frequency Challenge and this week’s frequencies are 1160-1224. 
The challenge is open to ANY DXer, no matter your location!  A quick reminder of the challenge rules:

  • All logs are for receptions made between 0000 UTC on Saturday, September 24 and 0200 UTC Saturday, October 1, 2022.  Can’t count that time you heard them 4 years ago, lol!
  • Logs must be made using your own equipment, no online SDRs (unless it is YOUR online SDR).  If you are remote from your home QTH, please be sure to document your correct location on the form.
  • Any stations transmitting within this range of frequencies are fair game for the challenge.  This includes TIS/HAR stations, 9 kHz split stations, pirates, etc.  As long as the fundamental transmitting frequency of the station is between 1160-1224, it counts! 
  • To be considered for the challenge, logs MUST be submitted using the Google Forms link, below.  Any logs made through social media, email, in club publications, etc, are NOT counted. 


That’s it, have fun and let’s hope you rack up some fantastic DX!

Loyd Van Horn, DX Central to irca iog (2022-09-24)