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Florida stations noted in quick sweep tonight:
540 WFLF
600 WBOB
610 WIOD
790 WAXY
940 WINZ
1040 WURN (tentative – mix WCHR NJ, Colombia, others)
There were probably more but I didn’t give this a lot of time.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION, South Yarmouth, MA, FN41vq to irca iog (2022-09-29)

1490 WWPR Bradenton noted off 4:20 PM and still off 5:10 PM.
1450 WSDV Sarasota might be on reduced power. I can get a null on them with the SRF-M37W.
These are my 2 closest stations, around 5 miles away.

Martin Foltz Sarasota FL to irca iog (2022-09-28)