Monitoring of Mongolian Radio 
Place of reception: Ulan-Ude city (Russia) 
Data time: October 10, 2022
Reception time: 22:00 UTC (06:00 local) 
Reception frequencies: 164, 209, 227, 882 kHz 

Conclusion: In the morning hours before dawn, the reception of the Mongolian National Radio (the distance from the transmitters is 500-1000 km) in Ulan-Ude is most favorable at 164 kHz. At this frequency, there is a more confident non-floating signal, although there is an indefinite whistle. A signal with noise of various levels is available at longwave frequencies 209 and 227 kHz. However, there is unstable reception with attenuations at these two frequencies. At the medium-wave frequency of 882 kHz, the weakest quality of the ether. Quiet signal, interference from other stations, noise and interference.
There is a video of the reception here:

Igor Kolke (2022-10-15)