South Korea

Additional information has been received, and I have compiled a list of South Korean radio stations that will effectively discontinue MW service on November 8, 2022, according to each station’s official website.

SBS Love FM (Seoul). 792kHz HLSQ
MBC (Seoul). 900kHz HLKV
Daejeon MBC. 765kHz HLCQ
MBC Chungbuk Broadcasting Cheongju. 1287kHz HLAX
Ulsan MBC. 846kHz HLAU
MBC Gyeongnam Changwon Broadcasting. 990KHz HLAP
Pohang MBC. 1107kHz HLAV
Gwangju CBS. 999kHz HLCL
Jeonbuk CBS. 1314kHz HLCM
Busan CBS. 1404kHz HLKP

New Information:
The next station is not yet confirmed. Not found on official website, but listed as suspended on Wikipedia Korean edition (source unknown).
MBC Gangwon Yeongdong Broadcasting Gangneung. 1287kHz HLAF

Koji Shimotori to FB group (2022-10-15)