900 carrier observed in Germany too
regarding https://mediumwave.info/2022/10/22/unid-26/

I can confirm that there is indeed a silent carrier, fading up and down but coming in quite strong most of the time (better than 162kHz). best listening chance is around 21 hours UCT, then this carrier is blocking the whole channel. I `ve been hearing this for about 3 weeks now and I think it must be the 1 MW tx from Saudi Arabia suffering from modulation troubles, as it is best from South East. About 4 weeks ago, I had a decent signal from Ryiad with only very, very low audio level (almost inaudible already back then), but still clearly in Arabic language (Tehrans quran px is in Farsi and the pronounciation is different). so I guess it must be them.  it is too strong for NL in comparison with others LPAM stations from NL. the carrier is closing somewhere around midnight.

definitely not coming from Europe, it seems. not audible during daytime, only at night so it must be far.

what is interesting, since that carrier is observed here, I have not been able to catch a voice from Ryiad evenn when the carrier is swamped out. quite a coincidence, isn`t it? 

Robert D (2022-10-22)