From tomorrow 1 Nov 2022 the timings of News in English and Hindi originating in  All India Radio –  New Delhi and relayed by all stations of AIR is changing their schedule.

The changes of major bulletins are as follows:
The durations has been changed from 30 minutes to 15 minutes of the following

Morning News
Hindi  0230-0245 UTC  (ex 0230-0300 UTC)
English 0245-0300 UTC (ex 0300-0330 UTC)

Mid-day News
English  0830-0845 UTC  (ex 0830-0900 UTC)
Hindi 0845-0900 UTC (ex 0900-0930 UTC)

Hindi  1515-1530 UTC  (ex 1430-1500 UTC)
English 1530-1545 UTC  (ex 1500-1530 UTC)

Hourly News in English & Hindi will be 5 minutes each (ex 10 minutes)

Note: Due to above changes, many stations may sign off at night etc. about 10 minutes earlier than present time.
Announcements about the news timings was heard on AIR in Hindi News bulletin today at around 1445 UTC.
Incidentally, the new timings are the same as the old timings which were in force before the Covid 19.

Thank to  Gopala Krishna, Broadcasting World DX for info.

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS to dxindia iog (2022-10-31)