United States

1540: For the past four nights, KXPA-1540 Bellevue WA has been running open carrier all night from 12m-6am PDT, airing hourly station IDs and nothing else.  Perhaps a problem with the automation system, or maybe lack of business.  KXPA has a brokered time format, with everything from Brother Stair to Asian programs.

So far, very little has been heard except for KXEL and KMPC. Both often heard when KXPA has regular programming.  For some reason, KXEL dominates until about 3 am, and then disappears, leaving KMPC almost alone.

I did have a weak station with Regional Mexican music at times. So far I haven’t heard any IDs or other announcements.  Maybe KASA or one of the Texas stations?

It’ll be interesting to see how long this lasts.  I’d love to hear Bahamas on 1540.

Bruce Portzer to irca iog (2022-10-31)