Ukrainian Radio and TV reestablished in Kherson.
I believe this was already reported, but here’s directly from Polish Radio:,Poles-help-restore-TV-radio-in-recaptured-Kherson?fbclid=IwAR35nJdaFtP3kvizopbpk0mq5TBJ_RQNqzFSFANbV96XIb_JHChYBD1SLPQ

Walt Salmaniw to WOR iog (2022-11-14)

1278 ιs heard very clear in Thessaloniki.

Zach Liangas to WOR iog (2022-11-15)

That’s the 100 kW sender from Kurisove, Odesa Oblast, between Odesa and Mykolaiv.  I’m wondering whether the big transmitter site at Luch, Ukraine will be coming back.  It’s firmly in the hands of Ukraine now.  Was it damaged or destroyed by the rashists? 

Walt Salmaniw to WOR iog (2022-11-15)