AFN Japan 1575.
Iwakuni and Misawa 1 kW AFN, Nov 29 0727 – I happened to record this frequency overnight and had a serious listen today.  I can confirm hearing both Iwakuni and Misawa, with their local base specific reports.  I did not identify anything from the weaker (listed as 250 w) Sasebo base.  It was fun googling phone numbers.  For example at 07:49, 226-4636 was announced.  Google this, and it’s the information line for Misawa Air Base  (226-INFO).  Number was announced  for the latest road conditions.  Another way to confirm Misawa, which is the AFN transmitter I usually hear, is by listening for names. 
At 08:09, I heard a generic ‘AM 1575’ (heard that a lot) and DJ Bugaboo.  Google that, and it’s Sgt Benjamin Buganig aka DJ Bugaboo at AFN Misawa!      By 08:14, I heard the ID, ‘Power 1575 The Eagle’ with Sgt Chase Drayer.  Power 1575 belongs to MCAS Iwakuni, south of Hiroshima.  Google Sgt Chase Drayer, and one can find him at MCAS Iwakuni.  Local weather for Iwakuni was heard at 08:18:45.  Lots of other IDs overnight, including for AFN GO, and I think AFN ED.   Also, AFN Legacy.  Around 09:00, there’s a Chinese cochannel, but not particularly strong.  After 09:00, no further local programming from what I could make out.  Reception was generally poor during the 09:00 and 10:00 hours.  Lots of AFN The Eagle IDs. 
During and after the 12:00 UTC hour, conditions again improved.  At 13:40, ‘Don’t touch that dial.  You don’t know where it’s been.  AFN The Eagle’.  About 14:28, VOA Thailand began to dominate.   During a PSA at 15:24, one could hear 2 PSAs.  Once again at 16:28:30 when I could clearly hear 1 AFN PSA then fading, replaced by another PSA.   Other PSAs/announcements included, ‘AFN GO’ and ‘The Eagle never sleeps’, at 16:45.  After 16:25 or so, AFN again dominated, often at near armchair level.  One observation during the network feed segments (after 09:00, my sense is that it’s The Eagle, but PSAs are still station specific.  I could not hear more than one AFN feed during music (which is most of the night, between the PSAs).  When PSAs occured, there was mo.

Walter Salmaniw, Masset, BC to irca iog (2022-11-30)