A solemn session in honor of 100 years radio jubilee in Brazil, celebrated in September, was held on Tuesday (Nov. 22) in the House of Representatives, in Brasilia.
The head of Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), Glen Valente, pointed out in his speech the evolution of the vehicle throughout the years and the new instruments added such as streaming channels [data transmission over the Internet] and podcasts , for example.
Valente talked about the work of Rádio Nacional da Amazônia, which broadcasts in short waves to that region, and mentioned the broadcaster’s social function, which he compared to a kind of “WhatsApp of the Amazon”. Since communication via telephone or internet is still precarious in some locations in the Amazon, EBC`s head explained that many listeners send messages to their relatives and friends through airwaves.
According to Valente, the radio continues and will always be a platform that everyone has to keep on investing in because it will always exist. “The other platforms will be added to the radio – an older instrument of communication in Brazil,” he said.

Brazil has more than ten thousand active radio stations.
Agência Brasil – Brasília 23 November 2022.

Mike Terry to nordx iog (2022-11-23)


SER Radio Manresa is heard again this week on 1539.  It was noted missing in October.  Its near neighbour SER Radio Elche is still transmitting, running 25Hz low on the channel.  Currently (2125 UTC) separate programming, with Manresa carrying football commentary in Catalan.

Dave W (2022-11-22)


Re closure of 950 CKNB:
The station has replied to my request to say that they are still on air on 950, and will be for 90 days which makes (approximately) 15th February 2023.

Andrew Brade to mwcircle iog (2022-11-22)

I noticed that overnight the station went off air at around 0050 and was back on at 0139. It then went off again at 0610, back on again at 0840. 

Paul Crankshaw to mwcircle iog (2022-11-22)


Three months from now, New Brunswick (NB) will only have three stations left on AM. Even the CBC LPRTs have all moved to FM.
The following is a list of all AM stations in New Brunswick.
590 NB Sussex CJCW Directional with different patterns day and night. Power is 1000 watts day and 250 watts at night.
930 NB Saint John CFBC Non-directional with 2000 watts days and 150 watts at night.
950 NB Campbellton CKNB HITS 100 debuted November 14 at 8:00 AM Atlantic Standard Time, marking the official flip to CKNB-FM at 100.7 MHz with 5330 watts. With FM testing complete, the clock begins ticking on the three months of simulcasting before the AM transmitter is turned off for the last time.
1260 NB Fredericton CKHJ CRTC approval for non-directional operation was granted in October 2020, with 10KW day and 32 watts at night. Two FM rebroadcasters, CKHJ-2-FM with 250 watts on 103.5 MHz in nearby Oromocto NB and CKHJ-1-FM with 50 watts on 95.1 MHz in New Maryland NB, were already in place to make up for the deepest nulls in the previous 10KW night pattern. The former KHJ branding has been replaced with PURE COUNTRY 103.5, based on national branding used by owner Bell Media.

The Facebook page Canadian Radio News by Dan Sys provides much of the information for this column.

IRCA DX Monitor Nov 26, published Nov 21 via WOR iog (2022-11-22)


I am happy to say our Shortwave transmitter on 5895 kHz in the 49 meter band has returned to normal programming from 1215Z thanks to our man at the site! This station was off due to the lack of the program stream. On this frequency we broadcast a mix of of our stations Radio Northern Star and the Sea as well as Gospel programming. If you hear us we’ll be happy to verify your reception report.
We are also on 1611 kHz, presently with The Sea. Email:

Northern Star Media Services FB group (2022-111-21)

United Kingdom

The November Caroline North broadcast from our radio ship Ross Revenge has now concluded, and we hope the power problems with our 648 transmitter didn’t spoil your enjoyment too much.
Many thanks to our listeners, sponsors, presenters and Manx Radio for use of their AM transmitter.
We hope to see you for the final Caroline North broadcast of 2022 from Ross Revenge over the weekend of 10th-11th December.

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2022-11-21)


RTE R1 scheduled to be off air (again) on Tuesday:
2rn-Summer Hill Co, Meath:

Complete Outage RTÉ Radio 1 Long Wave 252 for 8 hrs between 09:00 to 17:00 on 22nd of November 2022(2rn on Twitter 20 Nov)
(via Alan Pennington – BDXC)

Mike Terry to Longwaveradiolistening iog (2022-11-20)

United States

The long-pending license renewal of Conservative Talk “1300 The AnswerKKOL Seattle and transfer of the station from Intelli LLC to Salem Media Group have been approved be the FCC with conditions. Salem swapped KKOL to Intelli in May 2018 and then agreed to repurchase it in June 2021. The license transfers coincided with the move of the station from its former tower site in Tacoma to Bainbridge Island where it was triplexed with Salem’s 1590 KLFE and 1680 KNTS Seattle.

Since the station completed its move to operate with 50kW daytime and 3.2kw nights, the station has received multiple complaints from Bainbridge Island residents stating that the station was creating blanketing RF interference to devices ranging from internet connections, cordless landline phones, ear buds, electric car charging equipment, vehicle electronic systems, garage doors, refrigerators, invisible dog fences, generators, and septic systems. To alleviate the issues, the station has been testing at different power levels from its 3.2kW night power to its proposed 50kW and working with the residents to fix or prove whether the station’s RF was causing the issues.

As part of the renewal, Salem must operate at 35kW day until being relicensed for that power level. They will also be required to conduct community outreach, respond to blanketing interference complaints, and remediate blanketing interference to any electronic device attributable to KKOL’s operation, including, if necessary, installing RF filters, cables, or replacement devices for as long as KKOL broadcasts from the Bainbridge Island site. KKOL was also given an abbreviated four year license renewal that will expire on November 18, 2026 to ensure compliance.

Lance Venta, RadioInsight (2022-11-20)


Here is interesting information.
Although, the antenna seems to have a different name, see my other forwarded mail and links to pictures.

“Updated the information.  1143 kHz broadcasts from the antenna ShV-77.  ARRT put in order after downtime as a backup.  It is not suitable for regular broadcasting at 1143 kHz.”

Marco (2022-11-19)