Canada / United States

The Canada/US AM Station Info Search Page (“Topaz”).
For nearly 20 years now, Barry McLarnon’s Canada/US AM Station Info Search Page (aka “Topaz”) has helped DXers identify and add Canadian & US AM radio stations to their log books.  Contained within the site’s simple layout lies powerful searching capabilities including “fuzzy” searches that allow DXers to search for similar sounding callsigns, partial callsigns, filtering frequencies by “C”, “W” or “K” callsigns, filtering a frequency by station format, station sunrise & sunset times, distance calculations and more.  I’ve been a huge fan of Barry’s website for over a decade and I would honestly be lost without it.  Recent server outages have proved how much I rely on his site during my own live DXing sessions.  Realizing how much I value the site for my own DX, I approached Barry about transferring the website to my server where I could perform more frequent updates to keep the data as reliable as possible.  Barry agreed and I’m proud to be the new caretaker for this excellent resource!

Please bookmark the new URL for future reference:

Barry’s server will remain online for a bit longer and will function as a secondary backup until he decides to pull the plug for good.

I have no plans to change the site in any way as I feel the functionality is simple, to the point, and works well just the way it is.  I do welcome all DXers to contact me directly off-list if you have updates to any of the station information presented on the site.

Best DX to all, Tim Tromp, Muskegon, MI (IRCA iog) via WOR iog