United States

Now available Slogans List as of December 26, 2022

4,731 stations with slogans.
If a station doesn’t appear this indicates I don’t have the station slogan.
I’ve skipped making changes of stations playing Christmas songs/music as they will chance back to their regular format once the holiday is over.
Since silent stations come and go, seemingly, quicker than I can update the list, silent stations remain in the list until they are actually deleted from the FCC list.
As always, please let me know of additions, corrections, etc. Acknowledgements are given on the final page of the Slogans List.
Remember, the “Recent MW Station Contacts for Reception Report Verifications” link to the list is also available on the same webpage. The Verifications page was updated on Monday, December 15, 2022.

This slogans list is probably the final list for 2022. Therefore, Happy New Year to everyone.

Kraig Krist to irca iog (2022-12-27)