Call for the recording of LW/MW bands on Dec 31st (closure of RTL, Luxemburg)

As RTL will stop LW transmissions on 234kHz, two colleagues and me will make broadband recordings of the full LW (and also MW) bands with high resolution SDRs (PERSEUS, STEMLAB125-14, RSP1A) on Dec 31st before and around midnight CET. However, none of us is located in the main beam direction of Beidweiler, i.e. from Luxemburg towards Paris. I am therefore searching for a volunteer in or close to this area, who is equipped with a suitable SDR (operating down to 150 kHz, >= 12bit resolution, ability to record broadband IQ files), a good antenna and interest to join us. This would be a unique opportunity to conserve the LW band with high quality before one of its most famous transmitters goes off air forever. If possible, even the MW band could be recorded simultaneously thus also including the closing Slovak transmitters at 702 and 1098 kHz.

The files are planned to be made available for the public on COHIRADIA at They can then be downloaded and played back and tuned through either digitally with usual SDR software or also on analogue AM radios when using a suitable hardware (for technical details see

If you are interested please contact me directly by email:

Best regards
Hermann Scharfetter (2022-12-28)