Imminent Canadian radio MW sign-offs.
A reminder that 540 CBT Grand Falls – Windsor (NL) is due to sign off on Saturday 31st December. It was last heard here on 20th December, but propagation has been poor especially at the LF end of the MW band. The station has a new 100kW transmitter on 93.3MHz FM that began full service on 3rd November.

950 CKNB‘s simulcast period with 100.7 FM at 5.33kW began officially on 14th November and the station is expected to switch off its AM transmitter around 15th February 2023. It was last audible here on 23rd December – the “95” has been dropped from the station ID which is now “CKNB 100.7 FM  Campbellton, New Brunswick”.

Andrew Brade to mwcircle iog (2022-12-29)