LW Bandscan

Here is a quick LW bandscan that I recorded last night at 0001 UTC, just after RTL went off, to illustrate who is left. We can hear:

  • Alger chaîne 3 (252 kHz);
  • Polskie Radio (225 kHz);
  • BBC Radio 4 (198 kHz) (the only reason why it is so weak is that the antenna was still oriented towards Luxemburg, otherwise I hear BBC loud and clear);
  • Unidentified, probably traces of Medi 1 (171 kHz);
  • FLE Allouis (162 kHz), using the BFO;
  • Antena Satelor (153 kHz).

Of course there are other stations left (Kalundborg, Iceland, RTE…) but they were out of range.

73 Vincent (2023-01-02)