Translated from German:
Since 1830 UTC, Radio Liberty has been playing on 1386 kHz from Viesintos,Lithuania in Russian. It is interesting that about 5 minutes later a jamming attempt was started, but was turned off again after 2 minutes, apparently because you were not exactly on the frequency and therefore not the RL really bothered. a few minutes later, a carrier started exactly on 1386 and apparently tried to disrupt RL. The jammer had to Apparently only to be warmed up, it became as the minutes progressed the reception is actually more and more disturbed, sometimes even completely, then less again.

In the meantime the signal from Radio Makedonia(probably, according to MW-List) with fine Greek music and is intermittent
even predominant, then weaker again.
Meanwhile, the jammer drifts to 1387, letting the RL program come better through.

A nice observation game on medium wave.

By the way, Deutsche Welle also plays its Russian program 1800-1830 – undisturbed, mind you, via 1386/LTU.

Harald Süss to A-DX iog (2023-01-04)