Info on LW broadband recordings before/during RTL shutdown on LW.
As announced, the closure of the LW transmitter Beidweiler (RTL) has been conserved in several wideband recordings with SDRs in the context of COHIRADIA. The first full LW bands containing the last 1 – 2 hours of RTL on 234kHz  are now available in They can be downloaded as IQ-wav-files in the standard format for SDRUno, thus they can be played back and tuned through with SDRUno and SDR#, maybe also with other compatible software. Currently files from 3 different sites are available:

Neunkirchen Seelscheid, Germany, Author: Walter Barteczek (RedPitaya Stemlab125-14):  (4GB)  (3.9GB)

Luzern, Switzerland, Author: Gianni Müller (Microtelecom PERSEUS): (3.6GB)

Graz, Austria, Author: Hermann Scharfetter (SDRPlay RSP1A): (3.7GB) (3.7GB)

This archive is unique as it provides the signals from 3 different sites with their individual positions relative to all contained LW transmitters. The list is still preliminary as more material is under preprocessing (e.g. another file from Gianni Müller and probably also data from a 4th site).

The recordings will also be made available via the standard download list on, including the raw IQ format for the RFCorder/ RedPitaya of COHIRADIA. The latter then will allow for analogue playback on historical AM receivers with external antenna jack. Also ‘bonus material’, like screenshots of the spectra and tune-through videos will be provided. This, however, will still take several days, so currently only the direct links above are operative.

Hermann Scharfetter  (2023-01-05)