Russian pirate on 1575 kHz.
Wolfgang von Pöllnitz got the following reply from Buhta Svobodnyh Voln (in A-DX group):

“Good evening Wolfgang! Frequency 1575 has recently started working. About 2 kW in the antenna. I have nothing to do with it right now. We disagree about content. 1575 is on the side of Putin and Russia, and this can be seen from some of the programs that are on the air. I don’t want to be there. Thank you for your letter.

I now make my radio only on the Internet, There are a lot of old songs and music from different nations. 60s 70s> 90s very rare content. There is no such thing anywhere else. Come listen. Sometimes I do music podcasts. One of the last was about Smokie. Thank you. With past holidays!”

Mauno Ritola, MWlist iog (2023-01-10)