Hello list,

this morning I put my boots (well, my tyres) on the ground and drove towards Rimini, where I thought the new Italian religious station on 1584 kHz could be located.

My first destination was the former site of RAI Rimini (999 kHz), because Italian private stations must transmit from RAI sites or the surrounding area (they can then ask for a change, but this is another story).

At the site, on the frequency there was a full quieting, full-scale signal, so I was right on the spot, but in the Ray Way area I couldn’t see any MW antenna (the old lattice tower mast was knocked down last year).

Adjacent to the site, between the field and the main road, there is a house, surrounded by a thick, tall hedge. On its back there is something vertical, a pole, that may just be an antenna; unluckily I couldn’t clearly see it from any direction. Take this only as an hypothesis.

So, the take home messages are:
1) The station is definitely located in Rimini, adjacent to or nearby the former RAI site;
2) The antenna isn’t inside the site, but could be adjacent;
3) I think that this is a Radio Luce relay, but without a proper ID this is only my educated guess.

I keep monitoring the station.

73 Fabrizio Magrone (Italy) to MWlist iog (2023-01-16)