Paul de Haan reports on the Free Radio Forum:

22 January 2023
It looks as if Radio Seagull is no longer broadcasting on Medium Wave in Holland. The 747Khz frequency they were sharing with Radio Emmeloord is no longer listed. Can anyone in the North of Holland confirm if Radio Emmelord/Seagull is still on 747 Khz or not? I have also noticed that the programme schedule on the Radio Seagull web site has changed from Central European Time to UK time.

Radio Seagull is on 1476Khz from Coalville in the UK (2000 to 0800)

In response its others commented that it is off air, low power 747 is on again from TX site Pietersbierum at LPAM 100 watts. Dutch GPO will connect the site to internet again so Seagull can be on air on 747 again. At the moment its non stop music.

Mike Terry to mwcircle iog (2023-01-22)