1089 kHz: At the 1st Februar 10:00 Moscow time, the transmission will be on air again. 1,2 MW.
Two days are tests, to listen to the propagation of the day/night signal and check the operation of the equipment. 
The decision was made by the authorities.  There is no information about the start of regular work yet.
[translated from Russian / Ed]
“On February 1, from 10.00 Moscow time, the Kuban Radio Center goes on the air at a frequency of 1089 kHz for a run that will take place TWO days until 10.00 Moscow time on February 3.
As before, I am waiting for your messages about the reception in VK, as well as by e-mail
I draw your attention, dear radio amateurs! For the objectivity of the test, it is necessary to try to receive the broadcast on household portable receivers. This is of the greatest interest and effectiveness. Modern Chinese, Climbers, VEFs, Speedos…
Power – 1200 kW
In your review of the reception, please (if possible) indicate :
*Reception conditions (urban development, countryside…)
*Your assessment (excellent – good – satisfactory)
If possible, make a small audio or video clip.
If you wish to receive a QSL card, be sure to include your exact postal address with zip code. Cards for this test broadcast are ready (in Russia – paper, Abroad: e-qsl
All your comments, reports will be analyzed and transferred to the Radio Center.
Thank you in advance to everyone who will respond.73!”

Marco (2023-01-25)