DX options after Absolute

Then Absolute Radio shut down all of their medium wave transmitters this afternoon. Sad, but it allows for exciting DX on their old frequencies.

Here’s the first quick check:
1197: A 15 kW transmitter from Romania is now heard here.
1215: Here Z100 from Milan, Italy passes through with extremely strong signal strength. Sounds like a lot of kW.
1233: Here is another station from Milan, Milano XR, but it is heard very (!) weakly. Otherwise a fairly empty frequency.
1242: A 320W Smooth Radio transmitter dominates here. Shown with Oman in the background.
1260: Rádio Dechovka from the Czech Republic is usually the most powerful, but sounds like much less than the listed 10 kW. Sometimes Smooth Radio (640W) fades through. Later tonight we will probably also be able to hear Spain and Saudi Arabia on 1260.
And here at 20 Danish time, Milano XR then closed today’s broadcasts on 1233 kHz, after which there is not a single radio station on 1233 in either Europe, the Middle East or Africa. Officially at least. Basis to hear something Asia here?
However, there is apparently a Greek pirate going on at 1233. I hear something quite faint here – reminiscent of what I can hear rather faintly and disturbed on a KiwiSDR in northern Greece.

Now at 1930 UTC Spain starts pressuring the Czech Republic on 1260.

Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2023-01-26)