DRM is now on air in the Czech Republic on a medium-wave channel that used to carry a powerful AM signal. It broadcasts on 954 kHz, with a reported power of 3 kW, from the České Budějovice transmitter site, in the country’s South Bohemian region, re-using the old AM antenna with a modulator connected to the existing 30 kW AM transmitter.
Radiožurnal, a news and journalism station that broadcasts 24 hours a day covering events at home and abroad, supplies the content. The station also carries music in between the news segments. According to the DRM Consortium, one Czech listener reported, “From my listening on the remote receivers, it seems to me that a few low-powered AM transmitters could cover the whole country.” A KiwiSDR in the country also reportedly received the DRM transmission. The DRM trial is scheduled to end in the second half of 2023.

Mike Terry to mwcircle FB group (2023-01-26)