New 200 kW transmitters for 693 kHz (VoV1) and 819 kHz (VoV2) officially on the air since 15 January 2023.

Here is a more detailled report in VIETNAMESE incl. photos:

The tx location is the city of Buôn Ma Thuôòt in the Vietnamese Central Higlands, also known as Ðãìk Lãìk.

There were 2 antique SW txs carrying VoV-1 daytime on 6020 and 7210 kHz, now silent. I expect the new installed MW txs on 693 and 819 kHz should replace them.

If Google did translate correctly, the mentioned MW txs have been relocated from the South (Mekong-Delta, Cantho). So they are not brand-new. 

Uwe Volk to MWlist iog (2023-01-27)