Radio days.
Radio remains a relevant source of information and entertainment for many.

Every year, World Radio Day is celebrated on February 13. The theme for this year is Radio and Peace. Radio remains a widely consumed medium and can therefore help shape society’s experiences by offering a variety of programmes and perspectives. Historically, radio played an interesting role in providing information, challenging discourse and entertaining masses long before television and social media’s takeover. Radio Pakistan remains a respected institution and deserves to be celebrated for its tenacity and years of providing the Pakistani public with news, education and entertainment.

At the time of independence, Pakistan had three radio stations, located at Dhaka, Lahore and Peshawar. There are 36 radio stations in the country now. In October 1998, Radio Pakistan began FM transmissions in the country’s largest cities. That was the second phase of the radio revolution in Pakistan.

The first medium-wave radio station was installed in Lahore on December 16, 1937, in a small room of the YMCA building. It was inaugurated by the then governor, Bert Emerson. The first announcement was made by Malik Haseeb.

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