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I heard that KDVN-720 will be going off the air March 1st. Also heard there will be a 10 minute DX test performed by the station. Does anyone know the date and time of this?
I have not logged Nevada, so this may well be the last opportunity I have for this elusive state.

Mark Bailey to irca iog (2023-02-16)

I have been in touch with their Chief Engineer, Tracy Teagarden, and can confirm the rumor of a 10-minute duration test at full power. We’ll be putting out a formal announcement later today. 

73, Les Rayburn, N1LF to irca iog (2023-02-16)

Thank you for the update, Les. Pretty telling when a 50,000 watt powerhouse like them ceases broadcasting. 

Mark Bailey to irca iog (2023-02-16)