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DX Test from WDFB Junction City KY – 1170 kHz

The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the National Radio Club and International Radio Club of America is pleased to announce another test of Class D (Daytime only) station, WDFB 1170, in Junction City (Danville), Kentucky.

Traffic Manager Cindy Pike explained, “WDFB broadcasts Christian radio to Central Kentucky, and we pride ourselves on broadcasting a great variety of gospel music with some that have been performed live in our studios. This gives the station a unique sound, and it has become a fixture in our community. To ensure that our listeners enjoy the best possible sound, we’ll do some maintenance on our transmitter and audio chain. To my knowledge, this is the first testing we’ve done in almost twenty years.”

The test will feature mainly test tones and Morse Code, but Cindy opted to replace our normal computer-voiced announcement in favor of a more authentic sample of WDFB’s history. The station began in 1985, as a ministry and labor of love by founders Reverend Don and Mildred Drake. While Don Drake has since passed his ministry continues, with Mildred continuing to operate the station daily.

Distant listeners to the test may hear vintage clips of Rev. Don’s music, Mildred’s lovely singing voice or even a short sermon from the past.

The station will also broadcast test tones, Morse Code identifications, long-duration 1 kHz test tones, and voice announcements. The testing will begin at 12:01 AM Eastern Time (05:01 UTC) on Saturday morning, February 25th. The test will last for two hours.

The test will be challenging, with powerful 50 kW stations like KTSB and WWVA dominating the channel in most of the United States. But the station’s last test on November 2, 2002, was widely heard in the US and Canada.

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