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WDFB-1170 DX test
I wasn’t set up to record, so I won’t be seeking a QSL. But thanks to the CPC folks I’ve added WDFB to my logbook, using a barefoot Tecsun PL-330.  Noted Morse code starting “VVV de” at 2306 CST, into low- to high-frequency sweep tones at 2307, more CW, then what sounded like straight 1-kHz tone at 2308. (Seemed more continuous than code, anyway.) All weak/fadey under KTSB Tulsa with Fox Sports Radio and a jumble of other signals. Slightly stronger CW by 2313-14, but faded under Tulsa. 

Again, the work of Les and the gang to get this set up is much appreciated!

Randy Stewart Battlefield MO to irca iog (2023-02-25)