A very reliable reporter on the war has forecast that the most active town (apart from Bakhmut) for conflict will be Chasiv Yar or Chasov Yar. This is of course an important site for the UR1 network. The transmitter on 873kHz could find itself at the epicenter of the war within days. I pray that at least the mast survives.

Dan Goldfarb to mwmasts iog (2023-03-04)

It is a tower 48.59028625420397, 37.86394540609312.
I don’t have more info about it like antenna type or transmitter. Currently it seems that it is switched off on MW like all other MW
transmitters in Ukraine.
Tx tower was shelled and destroyed in December 2022

Does anybody know more about the transmitter building?

Marco to mwmasts iog (2023-03-04)