Just saw your message about the transmitter in Ukraine’s Chasiv Yar reposted by the BC-DX bulletin at

Quote “I dont have more info about it like antenna type or transmitter. Currently it seems that it is switched off on MW like all other MW transmitters in Ukraine. I got more info:
Tx tower was shelled and destroyed in December 2022 <> Does anybody know more about the transmitter building?”

The transmitter is Nautel NX-60 (though it operated at 25 kW). Similar model was installed in Chonhar/Chongar for RFE/RL’s project Crimea.Realities (648 kHz; shut down on the first day of occupation; reportedly moved by the Russian forces to Crimea). From what I know, both units were a ‘gift’ from the USA, and the Chasiv Yar tx is definitely owned by the Broadcasting, Radiocommunications & Television Concern ( There has been no info about damages done to the transmitter building, so let’s assume it’s relatively undamaged, which of course may change any moment. Back in July, I asked some technician at Ukrainian Radio to bring the issue of moving the tx to a safer place to the attention of their ‘leadership’. The reply was “We are working on this, but the transmitter is owned by RRT, not by the Public Broadcasting Company”. The tx should be moved somewhere, as it is definitely needed. In some occupied areas of Ukraine, mediumwave was the only option to catch a Ukrainian station. Acknowledging the problem, the officials are just citing a lack of funds. Of course, they would find those funds if they really wanted to…

Alex Miatlikov to mwmasts iog (2023-03-17)