By means of Resolution No. 405-ENACOM/23 dated 20/03/2023, the ROMAN APOSTOLIC CATHOLIC CHURCH was authorized, with the endorsement of the PRELATURE OF HUMAHUACA, to operate an Audiovisual Communication Service of Sound Broadcasting by Amplitude Modulation in the town of Iruya, Province of Salta, to operate at 1410 KHz frequency, with a Category (C) VII, equivalent to a power 0.25 Kw (Daytime/Night), and will be identified by the distinctive signal LRK205. This authorization has been granted under Article 37 of Law No. 26.522 which considers the Roman Catholic Church, as a Legal Person of a public nature, entitled to provide audiovisual communication services.

The new AM station will be part of the network “RADIO MARIA ARGENTINA“, and basically its programming will be the transmission of the main station located in the city and Province of Cordoba, operating at the frequency of 101.5 MHz. It will also become the third station belonging to that network Catholic, operating in Modulated Amplitude in our country.

Svenn Martinsen to Arctic Radio CLub FB group (2023-03-23)