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Subject: [bdxc-news] Radio Caroline -report on the Supporters Meeting

A well attended supporters meeting last night at Hamble. Good to join BDXC members Jon Ryland and Chris Morgan, with friend Peter and others. It’s always an excellent anoraky gathering, some travelling long distances to be there.

It was confirmed that an application has been made to Ofcom to increase power. Caroline also hope to discuss with Ofcom future strategy for medium wave.

Alan Beech, chief engineer, was in Scotland but very kindly updated us on technical matters and answered questions by phone. The signal on 648 has been improved with a very minor correction of the frequency, it should sound slightly louder and crisper which many present agreed was the case. Alan said he received a good signal by the coast in Scotland. Driving back to Bournemouth around 10:30 pm I enjoyed mainly excellent reception.

There are 62 solar panels at the transmitter site now fully powering the 4kW output of the Harris transmitter (which has a maximum of 25 kW). I’m not a techy and may have got this wrong but it’s currently using 12 kW daily input to output 4 kW. Even when it’s cloudy there is a good power generation, apparently the panels wash automatically with rain and it’s to be hoped that also washes off the mess from the many seagulls at Orford Ness! Alan thought there are very few radio stations in the world that are totally powered by solar energy, so Caroline is to be congratulated on achieving this. It’s planned to publicise more about it at Easter.

New books were discussed – all funds go to the Ross Revenge Preservation fund. The Ross is in urgent need of dry docking for major repairs, an expensive procedure, without that its future is uncertain.

I have just received and read hot off the press “Behind The Scenes at Radio Caroline (in the 1970s)” by Lyn Gilbert which lifts the lid on many aspects of the covert operation in those difficult days on air on (and off) from the Mi Amigo, how Ronan O’Rahilly and staff (many unpaid) kept The Lady afloat to the end, also the part played by George Harrison and other financiers, including Ronan’s film and numerous other sometimes unsuccessful ventures.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 7 June, well worth a diary note.

Mike Terry to WOR iog (2023-03-30)