Eastern Europe MW Scene

621 kHz 
Radio PMR. 12:00-15:18 UTC Mo-Fr, not until 16:18 UTC like mentioned on MWlist

1386 kHz
Radio Poland in Polish is now at 15:30-16 UTC instead of 16:30-17:00 in B22
Radio Poland in German is now at 16:30-17 UTC instead of 17:00-17:30 in B22
Radio Ukraine International in foreign languages in A23. http://ukr.radio/RUI_abouthttp://radio.ukr.radio:8000/ur4-mp3
00:00-00:08 (approx.) English http://ukr.radio/prog.html?id=954
02:00-02:08 (approx.) Slovak http://ukr.radio/prog.html?id=961
03:00-03:08 (approx.) Hungarian http://ukr.radio/prog.html?id=960
21:00-21:23 (approx.) Russian http://ukr.radio/prog.html?id=959
21:23-21:28 (approx.) Belarusian http://ukr.radio/prog.html?id=955
21:28-21:40 (approx.) Russian http://ukr.radio/prog.html?id=988
22:00-22:08 (approx.) Polish http://ukr.radio/prog.html?id=957
23:00-23:08 (approx.) German http://ukr.radio/prog.html?id=975
Many of them are irregular and may be replaced by other languages (for example, Russian instead of Slovak like today).

1557 kHz Radio Lenta. Now 15:40-22:05 UTC instead of 15:25-21:35 UTC previously.

Alex Miatlikov, Ukraine to MWlist iog (2023-03-31)