RTÉ announce on 252 kHz today that “from 9am tomorrow, RTÉ Radio 1 will no longer be available on Long Wave …..”

So RTÉ programmes on 252 kHz stop at 9am Irish time (0800 UTC) Friday 14 April 2023.
But maybe will then carry a retuning announcement on 252 until the Clarkstown transmitter near Summerhill (County Meath) is switched off at midnight (2300UTC)?
Recording of RTÉ announcement on 252 kHz today followed by the 12 noon Angelus bell chimes and news in Gaelic is here:
The announcement on 252 cut into a live report on US President Biden arriving to meet the Irish President in Dublin.

Alan Pennington to bdxc-news io group (2023-04-13)