Ireland and more

On the occasion of the closure of RTE on LW there are two IQ-wideband-recordings of the longwave band from April 14th available on the COHIRADIA page at
Recording 1 was made by Walter Barteczek with an RSP1a SDR in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid (Germany) and contains the upper LW band with 3 stations, i.e. BBC (198 kHz), Polskie Radio (225 kHz) and RTE (252 kHz). The file has good quality and only weak interference from Algeria.
Recording 2 was made by Gianni Müller in Luzern (Switzerland) with a PERSEUS SDR and contains also Antena Satelor (153 kHz) and Medi 1 (171 kHz) as well as the last 15min of RTE with some interference from Algeria.

In both cases loop antennas were used and oriented for maximum cancellation of the Algerian transmitter. The files can be downloaded either in standard IQ-wav-format for digital playback with major SDR-software (SDRUno, SDR#, …) or in raw-IQ-format for analogue playback on historical radio receivers when using the equipment described in COHIRADIA.
Interested radio amateurs and collectors are cordially invited to visit the growing archive with records of complete AM-bands. Tuning through some of them allows to witness the last hours of traditional stations like RTL on LW as well as Absolute Radio and RAI Radio1 on MW.

Hermann Scharfetter (2023-04-19)